Why we love pet grooming, and you should, too! 

Pet grooming makes your pet look great! But did you know it’s also important for their health? Learn why pets need regular grooming. 

When people think of “pet grooming”, they’re most likely not thinking of it as something important for your pet’s health. More like a fun splurge to get Sparky to look cute. Turns out, there’s more to it than that. Just like you regularly bring your dog to the vet to make sure things are good before there’s a problem, you should also be getting them groomed on the regular. Here are some reasons why…

Matted hair can infect your pet’s skin

If you don’t get your dog groomed regularly, their fur can turn into a hair mat, which can then hide ticks and fleas, cause skin irritation, infect wounds, and get tangled around their rears and cause feces to amass. You definitely don’t want that for your pet. 

Matted hair can be caused by loose hairs getting tangled with their fur. Regular brushing helps loosen the hairs. If left on their own, the tangles get worse and worse and can even cause blood circulation to be cut off. Additionally, they can create large sores. And since a dog can’t tell you it hurts, it’s important to have their skin looked at regularly before it becomes a big problem. A professional dog groomer will know what signs of infection or trouble to look for. 

Getting used to the pet groomer

You’ll want to start your pets off at a young age to get used to pet grooming. In this way, they can get used to strangers handling them, the noises, the environment, the whole experience. Pet groomers do more than just cut your pet’s hair. They also trim your pets’ nails and clean their ears, and you want them to learn how to stay still during this process. This is best learned while they’re young.

Teeth brushing

Groomers brush hair…and teeth! If your dog’s breath is getting funky, it’s an indicator that there is already a problem and your pet needs medical care. This is not to say that pet groomers will replace dental care, they do not deep clean. However, regular tooth brushing can keep dental problems at bay. Pet teeth brushing should also be done at home. A good groomer can show you how. 

Pedicure time! Protecting your pet’s feet

You might think long nails are cute, but your dog might tend to disagree. They need their nails to be an appropriate length to not interfere with walking and running. And nails can grow into toe pads and skin and cause infections, yikes! Addionally, there is a part of their nails that contains blood vessels and you don’t want to be cutting into that. While you can cut your own pet’s nails, it’s not so easy and may require a professional. Cat’s claws are easier but still may be intimidating since they’re, you know, super sharp.

Professional dog grooming vs grooming at home

Regular brushing should be an important part of your daily routine and can give you some bonding time with your pup. However, a professional groomer will have the tools and know-how for tougher jobs. Groomers at our salon have extensive training and can teach you the best way to handle your pet’s needs and keep them relaxed and comfortable. 

As mentioned above, experienced pet groomers will know the early signs of infection and problems and help you be on the lookout. They can also teach you and show you special techniques that might be useful. 

If you choose to do it yourself, you can buy a grooming kit with the tools you’ll need. It may be pricey but will be cheaper in the long run than going to the groomers. Pet grooming will be time-consuming if it’s something you’ve never done before and may get a bit messy as you’ll have to clean all the hair up afterward. But it can be a fun experience with your pet and they may feel less anxious as you are at home. 

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to both. You may want to mix and match by coming to the groomers less often by doing some things at home. You may need to get a few pointers from an expert stylist. 

If you’re unsure of your best options and the role of a dog groomer in your pet’s life, it may depend on your pet as some are more low maintenance than others. Give us a call or book online today! 

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  1. My older sister adopted a dog a few weeks ago, and I don’t think she’s ever given her a bath since the dog’s starting to smell. I’m glad you explained why we must take our pets to a professional groomer while they’re young, so I’ll make sure my sister gets this information right now. Thank you for the advice on helping your pet get used to grooming services at an early age.

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