What We Do

Bath and Brush Package

  • 2 baths in our all natural hypoallergenic shampoo
  • Hand dried with our natural high velocity dryer
  • 15 min of brushing
  • Toe nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear plucking (by request only)
  • Anal glad expression (by request only)

Full Service Grooming Package

  • 2 baths in our all natural hypoallergenic shampoo
  • Hand dried with our natural high velocity dryer
  • 15 min of brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear plucking (by request only)
  • Anal gland expression (by request only)
  • Full haircut
  • Toe nail trimming

All packaged prices are individualized based upon many factors such as breed, size, coat condition, frequency of grooming, length of time for grooming, length of hair, matting, fleas, and behavior. We would be happy to give you an estimate of what the price would be for your pet, but keep in mind that is simply an estimate. NO PRICES ARE FINAL UNTIL WE COMPLETE THE GROOMING SERVICES REQUESTED. Prices can fluctuate from grooming to grooming.

Grooming packages are now available with the option to pay in 4 instalments via PayPal.


Add-on Services

Deshedding package $16

Includes 2 baths in our special deshedding shampoo.
15 extra minutes of deshedding using our special deshedding tools and equipment.

Spa Package (Monthly special) $14

Includes 2 baths in our specialty shampoo which changes month to month
Teeth brushing or nails filed (pick one)
Special finishing spray (matches shampoo scent)
Fancy bows or bandana (pick one)
Gourmet dog cookie.

Double Handling fee $16

For dogs requiring more than 1 groomer for grooming

Dematting $16/15 minutes

Dog with excessive matting will not be brushed out, we do not inflict pain upon any animal for looks.


VIP Spa Package $40 on top of our regular grooming price

Includes everything in the regular grooming package

Private salon time (no other pets present)
A complete photo package of all the steps in the grooming process along with finished photos

A few short videos of your pet being groomed

Includes the upgraded spa package ($15 value)

Specialty Shampoos $10

White Apple Blossom
Specifically used as a brightening shampoo for white or black dogs. Brightens the coat while leaving the hair free from oil or dirt.

Oatmeal Shampoo
For dogs who have flaky skin, dry skin, or seems to be itchy (not related to fleas).

Medicated Shampoo
For dogs with minor skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, or skin issues (not related to fungal infections).

Sensitive Skin Shampoo/Conditioner Combo
This is a non fragrant shampoo and conditioner for dogs who are very sensitive to even the mildest hypoallergenic shampoos.

Flea Shampoo
Any dog coming into the salon with fleas will be bathed in our flea shampoo. This is a non chemical based shampoo that helps to rid the dog of live fleas, flea eggs and flea dirt

Our VIP package is a great package for those wanting to give their animals some extra TLC. Pets who have been scared of grooming or who are timid or don't do well with other animals would benefit from this package. All VIP packages must be scheduled on a Sunday and cannot be booked using our online booking website.

Express Grooming Service $15

Must be scheduled upon booking and must be scheduled as the first appointment of the day.
Used for pets with severe anxiety or who become stressed easily, elderly pets, or pets that cannot be caged or kennelled.
This service gives your groomer your pets attention from start to finish with no interruptions
The time for grooming May be reduced by half of what it usually takes.

A la carte services

Nail Trimming

USD $ 14

Nail Filing

Nail Trimming & Filing

Nail Painting

Anal Gland Expression

Ear Cleaning

Sanitary Trim

Teeth Brushing

USD $ 8

USD $ 20

USD $ 12

USD $ 10

USD $ 10

USD $ 12

USD $ 5

Nationally Certified Groomers

We are an award winning salon, receiving the Readers Choice Best of Brookville award in: 2017 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. And currently in 2022 we were entered into the best of Brookville Hall of Fame for the third consecutive year.
1st place award at the Columbus Ohio Pet Expo for Best Freestyle groom
1st Place award at the Columbus Ohio Pet Expo for best groom on a live dog
Best in Show at the 2022 Columbus Ohio Pet Expo

groominggirls group photo

Pet deposit for multiple pets

clients with multiple dogs who wish to schedule their pets at the same time on the same day will be required to pay a 25$ pet deposit. This is not an additional fee, it is simply a deposit. Once you show up to your appointment, the 25$ will come off the cost of your total bill. If you cancel giving less than a 24 hour notice, or no call no show to your scheduled appointment, you forfeit your deposit. No exceptions

Clients with multiple large dogs must book them separately at different times. They can be booked on the same day, but they cannot come together at the same time. A pet deposit will still be required for utilizing same day appointments.

We try to provide the calmest environment possible for all of our pets being groomed, and having multiple large pets in the salon at the same time can be stressful to your pets and can create a stressful environment for other clients' pets. Limiting the amount of pets that are in the salon at the same time helps to keep all of our pets happy and safe. We appreciate your understanding.

Cancellation Fee

Repeat cancellations with less than a 24 hour notice, or repeat no call no show appointments, will result in a cancellation fee which will be added to your next grooming appointment. Repeat cancellations will also be required to pay a deposit before scheduling their next appointment. No exceptions