How Often do Doodles Need to be Groomed? 

Doodle dogs– super cute name for a super cute dog!  A doodle dog is any pure-bred dog mixed with a poodle. They are intelligent, beautiful, and friendly, and some are considered to be hypoallergenic due to the lack of shedding fur everywhere (though they still hold on to dander). 

There is a myth out there that they are also low-maintenance…however, low-maintenance they are not. 

If you’re looking for a breed that doesn’t need to be groomed often, stop now and find another one, because a doodle is not it. Doodle grooming is something to be done every day at home and professionally every 4-6 weeks. “Why,” you ask? Find out here! 

Doodle dog shown on a grooming table post grooming.
What a beautiful doodle dog!

Why are doodle dogs high maintenance? 

One advantage that doodle dogs have is that their coats don’t shed much. That’s wonderful for your clothes and furniture! But not so much for their fur. 

Fur that doesn’t shed much tends to mat because what’s actually happening is shed fur is trapped inside the coat and can tangle and lead to all sorts of problems. A doodle will need to be brushed and combed multiple times a week if not daily to prevent matting in addition to professional grooming. 

While doodle fur may not shed, it certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t get dirty. The curly fur doodles have allows leaves, sticks, and anything else found outside to stick to it. 

A professional bath is highly recommended for this dog as their coats need to be fully dried after a bath. If water is trapped beneath the fur, it can cause skin problems and lead to matting.

And last but not least, doodles are higher maintenance because, unlike other breeds, their fur will keep growing if not groomed and will turn into a curly mess nightmare. We don’t recommend allowing that to happen!

Why does it cost so much to groom a doodle dog?

Simply put, the extra time and energy needed to bathe and groom a doodle. Their fur needs to be meticulously combed and dried. Most groomers start with a base price for the breed, but then it can go up depending on the size of the doodle and its temperament as well as what shape the fur comes in. If you haven’t been to the groomer in a while, it shows and will be more difficult to take care of.

On a side note, if the fur is in poor condition, this can cause extreme pain and discomfort to your dog, so make sure to get your doodle in for grooming on the recommended timeline.  

Additionally, some doodle dogs have a double-coat, and that can be harder to groom. If you have a double-coated doodle, they tend to shed (there goes that idea that doodle dogs don’t shed). 

You’ll know if your doodle dog has a double coat if you see a shorter undercoat and a longer topcoat. 

Doodle dog after grooming with bows in its ears and a colorful handkerchief around its neck.
A happy groomed doodle dog

When to start doodle grooming

Just like with any other dog, you want to start the grooming process as early as possible to get them acclimated and feel like grooming is a normal part of life, not a punishment. You can read more about when to bring puppies in for grooming here.

An additional thing to know about doodles is their fur changes around 6 months of age. It transitions from fluffy puppy fur to their adult coats. This transition can lead to fur matting, and it’s imperative to already have a routine established, both at home and at the groomers, to prevent further problems. 

Where to get a doodle dog

If you’ve made the decision to get a doodle dog, congratulations! Where you get one matters. There are a few options. You could get a dog from a shelter. While you aren’t guaranteed to find a doodle dog there, it is possible. 

You can find one at a legitimate breeder. You can also get one from a puppy mill…and that’s where we’re going to stop you. A puppy mill is not something you want to support. They are a terrible venture that put profit over the health of your puppy. We strongly advise against getting your doodle dog from a puppy mill. How do you know if a breeder is actually a puppy mill? You can go online to doodle dog social media groups and ask for feedback about the seller. 

Finding a legitimate breeder can take time and takes commitment. You may get help, again, from other doodle dog owners who can share their experiences. A legitimate breeder will also want to know about your life and if you can afford proper dog care. If they’re asking you a lot of questions about how your dog will live out of their care, that’s a good sign. If, however, they don’t seem to care and the price is too good to be true, run!

You’ll want to be prepared with questions as well as knowing what red flags to watch out for. 

If you’re looking for a good and reliable breeder in or near Indiana, we recommend Dessie’s Doodle.

Final thoughts

Doodle dogs are a wonderful choice for many reasons! They’re cute, intelligent, generally easy to train, sociable, affectionate, etc. However, if you’re getting a doodle dog because you think their fur is low-maintenance, think again! 

While this myth may come from the fact that they many doodle dogs are low-shedding, this doesn not mean that they don’t need to be groomed even more often than other breeds. Additionally, when bathed, they need to be 100% dried and this takes time and energy. 

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a doodle dog, they make great pets! If and when you do, be sure to book an appointment as soon as possible to get your doogle acclimated to grooming. We can’t wait to see you and your curly friend! 

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