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Grooming Girls

Pet Salon

Doggy Daycare

If you need your dog or cat groomed and ready for pick up by a specific time, please discuss this with your groomer and we will be happy to do our best to accommodate your needs.

At Grooming Girls, we offer a wide variety of dog grooming services that will make your pet look fantastic and feel loved. For your pet we can offer a variety of services that include a Full Service Grooming, Express Service, Standard Bath and Brush, and other additional add on packages. Each providing a level of care you can expect for your pet. The following list of services will help to explain what is available as options for your pet.

Full Service Grooming:

 Bathing with our all natural hypoallergenic shampoos

 Hand Force Drying if tolerated by pet, but we also offer room temp cage dryers for our more timid pets

 Breed Specific Trim or cut of your choice.

(We use the “Clipper Vac” system which

helps to remove the hair and dander as we

clip resulting in a higher quality groom and healthier environment)

 Anal Glands Expressed

 Sanitary Trim Sanitary Trim

 Finishing Spray

 Thorough Brushing and combing for 15 min

 De-matting if required (additional charges may apply)

 Nails Trimmed

 Ears Cleaned and hair plucked (if needed)

 Pet friendly cologne or fragrant spray

Express Services:

Express services are for customers who are limited on time or have pets that cannot be created or can become stressed easily. This service gives your groomer your pet’s attention from start to finish with no interruptions. The time may be reduced by half of what it usually takes. There is a $10-$15 addition charge for this service and you must request this service when booking your appointment.

Bath and Brush Service

  • Bathing with our all natural hypoallergenic shampoos
  • Hand Force Drying if tolerated by pet, but we also offer room temp
  • room and or cage dryers for our more timid and shy pets

  • De-matting if required (additional charges may apply)
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Ears cleaned 

Walk in Services

  • These services are available during regular business hours.
  • Nail Trim $10
  • Nail Trim with file $15

  • Nail trim and ear cleaning $15
  • Misc. grooming services (sanitary clips, mat removal, etc) $7-$20

Full Body Trim

  • Stripping & cutting
  • Pad shaving
  • Sanitary belly trimming

  • Sanitary back end trim
  • Whisker trimming

Cat Grooming Services

Our Cat grooming services will give your pet the Purr-fect look every time. With our stress free environment, we will make sure your pet is happy and willing to come see us again. The cat friendly services offered include a Full Service Grooming and Express Service. See the following list of services available to better understand the available options for your pet. 

Full Service Cat Grooming

  • Brushing
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Pet shaving (If requested)

  • Hair Trimming
  • Bathing (Please discuss bathing options with one of our staff today
  • to find out if bathing is appropriate for your animal)

Additional Services (additional charges may apply)

  • Body Painting
  • Soft-Claw Application (Glued on)
  • Coat Dying
  • Tick & Flea Baths
  • De-Skunking
  • Tooth brushing / Dental Spray
  • Nail Filing

  • Medicated Bath
  • Antifungal Wash
  • Coat Whitening
  • De-Burring
  • Toe Nail Painting
  • Pet Tattoo's (Washable)
  • Monthly Add On Spa Package!

Call us today to schedule your appointment!